For lazy guys who can get away with it! (Tongue in cheek……..)

Getting up to pee at night is a real bummer. It wakes you up and can really disturb your sleep and that of your partner if you`re lucky enough to have one. By the way, you`re not alone!

There’s a medical term for getting up to pee at night, `nocturia` and it affects 1 in 3 people over the age of 30 and 50% of over 55 year olds. It can`t be avoided due to hormonal and physiological changes in the bladder as we age, sad news is it`ll just get worse as we get older. Millions just accept it as a part of the ageing process but it can have a major negative impact on your life so medical osteopath Robin Shepherd has invented a modern day chamber pot for use by able bodied people in the comfort of their bedroom.

Ok, so there might be a perceived yuk factor here, peeing alongside your bedside, smell, noise, `going back to the dark ages`? You could be right, but Shepherd has thought this through and designed something that looks like an Ikea vase, captures odour, reduces sound, and best of all if it`s knocked over it doesn’t spill! It`ll take 2 full bladders safely and go on to take up to 5 full bladders and remain incredibly stable like a ships decanter. There’s even a removable glow in the dark band so you can find it easily without switching on the light. Next morning simply empty, rinse and you`re ready for another good nights sleep.

The convenience is huge, no more tricky trips to the loo, risking injury, waking up your partner and most importantly fully waking up yourself. Better sleep, better health equals better life.

So if you`re lazy, compromised, or simply want to invest in a better nights sleep (and can get away with peeing in the bedroom), then the Handi-P could be your new best friend.

Shepherd has a female version waiting in the wings with a `fanny funnel` as well as a camouflage model for camping and a smaller one the `Kiddie-P` for kids on the move.