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Handi-P: The safe, easy and discreet way to pee, whenever and wherever you need to go

If you are one of the many millions getting up in the night to go to the toilet for a pee; the Handi-P® can help.

The Handi-P is a discrete, convenient and easy to find device you keep by your bedside, to save you from having to make that tricky trip to the loo, and help you get back to sleep quicker. To be used sitting or standing by the bedside not in the bed.

No more turning the lights on, opening and closing doors, getting cold, becoming disorientated, risking injury, or waking others.


Incredibly Convenient

Place by bedside, minimal disruption to sleep for you and your partner

Capacity and Non-Spillage

Holds 2 average full bladder contents without spilling even when knocked over! Total capacity in excess of 4 average bladder contents

↓ Odour

Captures smell due to its special design

↓ Sound

Internal damper diffuses and reduces the sound when urine enters


Safely stores urine and easy to clean

Always Ready to Use

No opening or closing required