Handi-P design: Hygienic, discrete and highly functional.

The Handi-P is designed as a handy and hygienic product for domestic use, to help reduce the associated risks and inconvenience associated with the need to urinate during the night, (maybe only once), and the detrimental effect this can have on the ideal and hugely desirable state of a restful and restorative night’s sleep. Anything that can reduce danger and discomfort and make life more comfortable has to be a desirable thing, for all ages.

Shape and stability:

Hospital urine collection bottle

Currently, all that is available for night time urine collection other than patient catheterization are variations on the hospital bottle. These are designed to be used whilst lying on one’s back or sitting in bed by an unwell or invalided patient. It is therefore longer in the horizontal than the vertical and potentially much less stable. It requires storage in a bedside cradle or to be removed immediately by a nurse to reduce the risk of spillage.

The Handi-P is aimed at the more able-bodied user who can sit or stand to urinate, a more natural position allowing the shape to be changed to more vertical than horizontal so the opening mouth level is higher thus increasing capacity and affording a broader and far more stable base like a ships decanter. The passed urine weighs down adding to the stability and it becomes surprisingly difficult to the knock the unit over, even if you manage to it will contain approximately 2 bladders full without spilling!

The Handi-P can be easily held by users of all ages, sizes and strengths. It’s designed to be used single handed so leaving the free hand to afford greater balance and support and is open and ready for use at all times so no need for fiddly preparation.

The Handi-P “internals” 

Volume and spillage:

Having decided upon the decanter shape, the body of the design was enlarged to receive multiples of the normal adult bladder voids of 300ml per pee. The Handi-P allows approximately 650ml to be safely contained in the unit if knocked over, with no spillage risk and a total capacity in excess of 1400ml before `backup` occurs yet still extremely stable. Dimensions of the orifice have followed existing industry/ hospital design.


Urine can occasionally smell and the unique design of the insert means odour will be captured in the void to the sides and above the opening so not escaping into the bedroom.


Urinating into a vessel can make a distinct `tinkling` noise, so by incorporating a `diffuser` into the Handi-P internals, it baffles the sound.


Materials have been chosen for ease of cleanliness and dismantling, with no hidden nooks or crannies. Healthy urine is not toxic or hazardous. A daily regime of emptying and rinse then weekly dishwasher clean or component sterilization with bleach/sterilizing tablets will give the Handi-P a long clean and hygienic life. (See instructions for use)


The Handi-P comes with a `glow in the dark` silicon band which can be easily placed around the neck of the unit for ease of location at night or removed if not required. There is an option for a `tea light` to fit neatly into the base if additional greater nighttime illumination is required.


The Handi-P has been designed to look nothing like an obvious urine collection bottle and is aesthetically pleasing, more like a vase or acceptable piece from Ikea, doing away with the need to hide away although small enough to allow ease of storage.

Outside the bedroom:

The Handi-P can be manufactured in other colours, textures and sizes to suit different environments such as camping (family use and increased volume), glamping, travel, boating and emergency situations where there’s no easy access to a toilet.