Instructions for Use and Cleaning


Screw insert tightly into the body of the Handi-P. It is now ready for use. The Handi-P is designed for use while seated on the side of the bed or standing alongside it.

Grab the Handi-P firmly round the neck, place the end of the penis just inside the top and pee. It’s as simple as that, no opening or closing.

Ideally, empty after 2 uses. Do not exceed 4 uses.


To empty, grasp the neck with one hand, then twist the insert anti-clockwise keeping the Handi-P upright. Remove the insert.

Flush the contents down the toilet, then rinse the container and insert.


Screw the insert back into the body. The Handi-P is now ready to be used again.

Advice for Cleaning

Before first use wash with warm soapy water.

We recommend a weekly dishwasher clean or disinfecting/sterilizing to ensure long and hygienic life for your Handi-P.

Separate the insert from the main body for cleaning.

Optional glow in the dark band can be stretched
over the mouth of the unit to help nighttime
location and easily removed for cleaning


The Handi-P has been designed to hold the contents of approximately two full average bladders without the risk of spillage if knocked over. There may be a dribble of residual urine from the insert. Ideally, the Handi-P should be emptied at this stage but can go on to contain up to 4 average bladder contents before being full, it will then remain stable but can spill some of its contents if dropped. It is recommended that the user monitor the level of contents to ensure overfilling is avoided. If the Handi-P is knocked over it should be returned to the upright position as soon as possible. Before use and after emptying it is essential that the insert is firmly screwed in place to ensure a good seal.