Why is no one talking about the biggest cause of sleep disturbance? The need to pee at night

Every other day there’s a report posted online about the risks of sleep deprivation – yet no one’s talking about the major reason people of all ages are struggling to sleep: nocturia

Nocturia is the medical term for sleep being interrupted more than once a night by the need to get up and urinate. It’s increasingly being considered a major health problem with approximately 1 in 3 people aged above 30 – and over 50 per cent of men and women aged 55-plus – suffering from nocturia. As we get older the problem will inevitably get worse due to natural hormonal and physiological changes to the bladder.

The problems nocturia causes, exhaustion, mood swings, daytime sleepiness, impaired productivity, fatigue, inability to concentrate, and increased risk of accidents, stem from the difficulty in getting back to sleep after a trip to the loo. In the US it has been estimated that the economic cost of sleep disturbance is over $400 billion a year. Add to this the very serious risk of falls and injury, particularly with the elderly, studies from Germany suggest nocturia accounts for over 250,000 fractures a year and you can see why the problem urgently needs to be aired and addressed.

Enter a solution: the Handi-p. An innovative 21st-century reinvention of the chamber pot to help you (and your partner) get back to sleep quicker and reduce injury risk.

The Handi-p has been designed to look like a vase so doesn’t need to be hidden away. It`s to be used sitting or standing by the bedside – and possibly without having to fully wake up. There’s no lid and so its permanently open, ready for use (no fumbling around in the dark) yet it remains spill-proof, odour-proof, noise-reducing and visible thanks to a removable glow-in-the-dark band round the neck.

The normal average adult bladder discharges approximately 265 ml of urine per void and the design of the Handi-p allows it to safely contain 650ml; With this amount inside, even if the unit is knocked over or dropped, thanks to it`s unique design there is no spillage. If necessary, the Handi-p can hold a total of up to 1,400ml and remains incredibly stable. A video demo can be seen here: Handi-p demonstration

It’s incredible that such a simple, inexpensive and well thought out device with the attributes of the Handi-p, (that at the very least offers great convenience to the user and at best could save a life), does not get the consideration it deserves in such a sleep deprived, risk aware society.

The story of its development, rationale for use and compelling statistics fully support its usefulness in all homes for all ages and can be found at

Better sleep, better health, better life now has an affordable and easy option, the Handi-P.